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CyberDeck™ is the new turn-based TCG set in a contemporary cypherpunk-inspired dystopia. Request now to be recruited by a CyberDeck™ Faction and be part of the next cyber-war to control the Global Network.


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About the Game

CyberDeck™ is the strategic tradable card game (TCG) set in a grotesque cypherpunk world where warring factions fight for control over information and stake of the network.

Strategic TCG

CyberDeck™ is the original and dynamic TCG that will bring to life the various dynamics of the C-Punk world, incorporating the standard characteristics of card games with the peculiarities of turn-based strategy games.

Tradable Cards

CyberDeck™ allows players to manage their digital assets (purchased, exchanged, or earned) as certified physical products, thus allowing portability on external wallets and/or on other decentralized applications

In the twilight global struggle of CyberDeck™, the operators form confederacies, uniting their scattered scenes from in potent computational cyberspaces. Their goal is to expand as fast as possible, disrupt the opponent, seize the platform and make it the world their own.



The Venture faction represents the world of the big corporations and the international financial institutions. In the world of Cyberdeck, like the most of the cyberpunk worlds, the corporations are more powerful than the national governments.



The Crime faction represents a transnational trust of the organized crime in which the “historical” organizations, such as the Yakuza, the Italian mafia and so on, have merged.



The Law faction represents the “law and order”, at least what remains of them. Like the other factions, the Police acts in a global level, so this label includes the secret service apparatus, the private military companies and new kinds of security agencies.



The Activists faction represents the people who live in the streets of the sprawling megalopolis of the CyberDeck™ world, from political activists to nihilistic individuals, from “brain workers” to independent black market traders.



Some Operator cards are Faction-Less, because they could represent individuals that for whatever reason (free thinkers, loners, mercenaries, etc.), can’t belong to any faction.

In CyberDeck™ these opposing factions square off against each other in cyber attacks, in a bid to gain control of the blockchain networks that rule the world …

The Dystopian Reality

CyberDeck™ brings to the world of videogames a narrative potential never seen before, in which current technology meets the realistic yet dystopian features of the cypherpunk world.

The Cypherpunk Dystopia

Is CyberDeck™ a game, or reality? Reality is the Game. Cleverly mixing elements of reality and fiction, Bruce Sterling takes us into a dystopian world where everything we know is seen in a new perspective: everyone will be a leading actor.

The Characters

In CyberDeck™ the characters are not monsters or super humans, or just all hackers; they are normal people, that act in the CyberDeck™ world in various and different ways, from hacking to physical attack, or just financing or exploiting their contact, giving the players more ways to grow fond and to identify with them.

As knowledge about the CyberDeck™ spreads across the network - from person to person, city to city, scene to scene, conspiracy to conspiracy, in rumors, in movements, in factions - every operator demands a piece of the action. Everybody want to see a future with their own face on it. BruceSterling

Contemporary C-Punk

Spinning away from nostalgia and genre clichés, CyberDeck™ is full of unexpected, un/common, weird and crossover characters that take part in a crazy bid for power.

Hacking & Decentralization

Today’s trends in IT business and global politics propel the topics of cyber-security and Internet de/centralization further into the spotlight, constantly generating more interest in organizations, media and popular culture at world scale .

Narrative by Bruce Sterling

Since a blockchain is based on computational energy, to fight about CyberDeck™, or even trying to fight against it, can only make it stronger. Bruce Sterling

Bruce Sterling, founder of the cypherpunk movement, is the author of the narrative line underlying the CyberDeck™ game …

The Cards

In CyberDeck™ the player manages his Nodes, creates special situations using his Event cards, and moves Operators on the blockchain network, to earn control of the Stake.


In CyberDeck™, NODES are the blocks with which the player builds his network. The Nodes generate the Kredits needed to play Operators and Events cards during the match.


OPERATORS represent the CyberDeck™ characters. They provide Network Points (NP) to reconfigure the Node cards, and Action Points (AP), to move and attack the opponent’s network or defend their own.


In CyberDeck™, EVENTS represent powerful effects that alter other cards, strengthening or weakening them in a predetermined or random ways. Temporary or permanent, the interaction of their effects can result in devastating combos


In CyberDeck™, TRIGGERS are special events that happen during opponent turn, when specific conditions are met. They can counter opponent’s actions in multiple and secret ways.

Created in cartoony style by the concept artist Amy Sterling, each card is unique and chromatically balanced to be highly distinguishable in every game circumstance